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(2) Fall Leaves - Epoxy 6 x 6

(2) Fall Leaves - Epoxy 6 x 6


    My paintings are made with love and care.  Upon ordering, please choose a top coat: matte, triple gloss varnish or epoxy.

    All of my artwork takes so much preparation.  First, I have to choose the canvas size and quality.  Next, I have to prepare the canvas with Gesso and let that dry.  Following that, I choose the color palette and then mix the paints with the proper pouring medium of choice based on the design that I plan to do. My original art is made with the best paints and materials that are available.

    Now comes the fun part; this is what everyone thinks they can do.  At times I've had to scrape the paint off the canvas several times, before I can put on the chosen top coat which is either triple gloss varnish or epoxy.  Once the painting has thoroughly dried in 1 to 4 weeks, the customer chooses the type of finish that they desire.  The finish process takes 2-4 days depending on your finish choice.  I will not sell a painting that I'm not proud of.



    If your original art piece does not meet your expectations, you may return it.  It must be fully secured and wrapped for return.  As long as the piece is returned to my studio, in the same shape as it left my studio, I will be happy to return the full purchase price, less shipping costs.  Customer must assume the shipping and insurance costs on the returned painting.


    I do not add my labor cost to shipping.  I only add the cost of the materials and the actual cost of shipping.  Customer always pays for shipping.  The shipping cost must be paid for before shipping.  I will always send you photos of the piece before wrapping for shipping and after wrapping after shipping before going to UPS.  I take the piece to UPS myself.  I am extremely careful with your original artwork.



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