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Elegant Triptych Epoxy (3) 10x20 canvas panels

Elegant Triptych Epoxy (3) 10x20 canvas panels

SKU: 126351351935



    My original art was made with the best paints and materials that are available. My painting are made with love and care.

    After you place either a custom order or an in-stock painting, I will fulfill your order just as soon as possible.  If a camera sample of a custom work is not enough for you, I will send out a physical sample of the colors requested ASAP.  This will delay your order, however, we want you to be 100% happy.  I will let you know the day and approximate time that I anticipate painting your custom canvas.  After I paint the finished work, I will send you a photo by text for your approval. It's extremely important that I get a confirmation one way or the other by return text, so if it's not satisfactory, I can immediately scrape off the paint and redo the painting if you don't like it. 


    The top coat will be put on your painting after the painting is completely dry.  That process can take four days to up to four weeks to completely dry and cure.  That process cannot be rushed, as any other artist will attest to.  One thing to keep in mind is that no matter how hard I try to match a design that you like, every piece comes out differently.  It isn't called fluid art for nothing.


    The full purchase price, minus the initial shipping charge you paid, will be refunded.  Once the painting arrives safely and in the same pre-shipping condition from us (as shown in your pre-shipping photo) back in my studio, I will refund you.  You as the buyer returning the artwork is responsible for packing and shipping the item back to me with insurance.  


    I do not add my labor cost to shipping.  I only add the cost of the materials and the actual cost of shipping.  Customer always pays for shipping.  The shipping cost must be paid for before shipping.  I will always send you photos of the piece before wrapping for shipping and after wrapping after shipping before going to UPS.  I take the piece to UPS myself.  I am extremely careful with your original artwork.


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